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I have always been fascinated by the natural world in all its forms, and find natural settings deeply moving, even spiritual but not in any kind of religious sense. I am as enthralled by the handsome foxes and playful blue tits that visit my small English garden as the magnificent herds of elephant and wildebeest roaming the Amboseli plains in Kenya.

Growing up, I devoured the books of Gerald Durrell, relishing the weird and wonderful creatures he found. In addition, I am a great admirer of the wonderful David Attenborough having already watched everything that he has produced more than once.

Two young chinchillas enjoying a well earned snack resting on a shelf in their cage
An adult zebra dove perching on a tree branch, their favourite past time when not scratching on the ground

From a young child, I have kept pets, from the usual dogs and guinea pigs to more unusual animals like domesticated hedgehogs, and enjoyed bonding with and observing them. My pets bring me great pleasure and I hope that I have repaid them with affection and care.

I enjoy the challenge of breeding my animals to improve my stock. I find the genetics particularly fascinating and have spent many pleasurable hours working out the colours and patterns to expect in each budgie nest. I have tried to understand the colour genetics of chickens but I have failed yet to master it.

The houses, avaries and cages for the animals and birds are cleaned regularly by student helpers


The Farm at 64 supports Porridge and Rice, an education charity that works among the extreme poor living in the Nairobi slums. The charity adopts a broad approach to education through seven programmes which include everything to hot porridge at breakfast to sanitary pads for girls at the schools.

Videos of the animals from the The Farm at 64 can be found on YouTube. New videos are uploaded on a regular basis. Please visit and SUBSCRIBE to help the channel grow and raise money for Porridge and Rice. These videos as well as photos from The Farm at 64 can also be found on Reddit in Pets Corner, a sub-reddit for pets being interesting, funny or cute.

Pekin bantam chickens enjoy a scratch in the garden while a protective dog, a jack russell, stands guard over them
Pekin bantam chickens scratch in the flower beds among the corn marigolds and verbenas, for insects especially worms
       that make a tasty afternoon meal

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